MAXARI - Previously known as EnergyFundz

Who We Are


Maxari EV is a turn-key electric vehicle (EV) charging strategy, training, installation, maintenance, and repair company.

The world of electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly expanding, and many businesses and organizations are beginning to adopt this technology. But with the shift to EVs come challenges, such as the need for reliable, safe, and affordable commercial EV charging infrastructure

That’s where Maxari EV comes in. We provide turn-key solutions for commercial EV charging needs that can be tailored to fit any given facility. Our solutions are designed to optimize the installation process, allowing for timely and efficient completion and future proofing your charging strategy that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Why Maxari?

Maxari EV offers several advantages to our customers in comparison to the competitors

1. Cost Savings

Working with a turn-key EV charging program provider like Maxari EV can provide significant cost savings for companies who are new to electric vehicle support. With an experienced partner, companies won't have to pay for expensive installation or pilot project costs.

2. Potential Incentives

An experienced provider like Maxari EV can help identify and secure various EV charging incentives, including state and local grants and tax credits. This helps businesses to offset the cost of the EV charging equipment quickly.

3. Fast Implementation

With an experienced partner, the processes associated with setting up EV charging equipment can be completed quickly and efficiently, as the partner will already have access to the necessary resources and know-how to get the job done.

4. Comprehensive Support

Maxari EV provides comprehensive support to businesses throughout the entire process, from installation to integration with existing systems. Providing businesses with a single source of expertise, this support helps to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

5. Peace Of Mind

Working with a reliable provider like Maxari EV helps businesses ensure their EV charging projects are carried out safely, professionally and compliantly. This provides maximum peace of mind, and the assurance that projects meet all necessary standards.

*Every service plan includes the installation, maintenance and technical support for their EV Charging program.


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services to companies that are transitioning to EVs and need reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Core Values





Maxari Leadership

Raya Guruswamy

Mr. Guruswamy started his career working for Bechtel as a field engineer on global infrastructure projects in Guinea, Angola, Canada, the UAE and Korea. He then joined BP in commercial management and procurement/supply chain roles. It was at BP where Mr. Guruswamy became familiar with the global market for oil & gas components and the steps to successfully source them. Mr. Guruswamy launched Maxari with the goal of providing competitive and local sourcing solutions across two business units:

Raya Guruswamy

In the five years since founding Maxari, their annual revenue has grown by 35% year on year and clients include government agencies (Federal, State, County and City), military contractors and Fortune 500 companies.

These experiences have allowed him to leverage his technical and commercial knowledge in the downstream and upstream sectors. He has advised and developed projects where clients have expanded or exported their products/services to emerging markets.

Mr. Guruswamy is an active member of the Houston Minority Supplier Diversity Council (HMSDC), Texas Association of Businesses, Asian Chamber of Commerce and OPEN. In addition, Maxari team members are active in numerous supply chain and manufacturing associations in Washington DC and Texas. Mr. Guruswamy received his BS in Energy-Business-Finance (EBF) from Penn State University and MS in Systems Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University. He completed an MBA at IE Business School (Madrid, Spain).

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