MAXARI - Previously known as EnergyFundz

What We Do

Industrial & MRO

Goods to Support Industry

By providing construction supplies and maintenance materials to help with the challenges within the industrial space. Every second that equipment is damaged or needs to be replaced costs money. By establishing and supporting a solid supplyline, we’re able to limit the stalled production and get your equipment up and running back to normal.

Example of products we supply

Healthcare + Safety

Medical + Protective Supplies

In an unpredictable world you have to be ready at all times to tackle emergency situations from first responders, peacekeeping, and general medical supplies. The ultimate goal is to keep the general public safe. Because there are so many safety aspects, there have to be just as many materials and goods needed to implement them. Providing all the materials and gear they’ll need as quickly can save lives and make the world a safer place in the process.

Example of products we supply