MAXARI - Previously known as EnergyFundz

What We Do


The Present & Future of Energy

In the booming market of electric vehicles we procure, source, and warehouse a variety of goods needed to keep the vehicles charged and on the road. Electric vehicles are predicted to account for up to 40% of new car sales by 2030. We’re not hopping on the trend of supplying goods to a booming industry, we’re going to lead the industry.

Example of products we supply

The latest EV charging technologies

Industry-standard chargers that can provide up to 350 kilowatts of power. These allow for EVs to be fully charged in a matter of minutes.

Eliminating the need for plugs and cables, these wireless charging systems cause an electromagnetic bubble to form around the car, allowing it to be charged without any direct contact.

Photovoltaic cells positioned on the roof of an EV can convert solar energy into electrical energy, allowing for a constant source of free renewable energy.

Allowing for an EV to not only charge, but to potentially generate energy as well. By connecting the EV to the electric power grid, V2G can actually enable the car to transmit energy back to the grid.

Our objective is to ensure a smooth transition to electric vehicles for your business while minimizing costs and downtime.

Your EV Infrastructure Integrator

Level 2 & Level 3 Charging Stations

Fleet Charging / Public / Multi-family

Open Lots & Multi-level Garages


Our team will assess the needs of your business and create a custom turn-key solution that meets the unique needs of your business. We offer various consulting services to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of EV charging technologies, different funding options, and future-proofing for each project.


Our trained technicians will source the correct EV charging equipment, manage the installation and set-up of your charging infrastructure. Our technicians are trained to handle any type of EV charging system, so you can trust that your charging infrastructure is in good hands.


We also provide a full range of maintenance(*Preventive: monthly/quarterly) and repair services to keep your EV charging systems functioning optimally. Plus, our team is available 24/7 to provide emergency repair services through our Master Service Agreements, as needed.

EV charging maintenance and repair services are essential for the proper functioning and safety of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. These services ensure that charging systems are running efficiently and safely, facilitating the long-term use and security of the system. Regular maintenance and repair services help to prevent breakdowns, reducing the risk of loss of service and costly repairs.

Additionally, regular servicing improves the lifespan of charging equipment, and helps optimize system performance and minimize costs of operating the system. Proper maintenance and repair services also ensure the safety of the system, helping to reduce the potential for accidents or other risks to operators, EV drivers, and nearby pedestrians.


We provide comprehensive training in virtual and in person to ensure smooth operation.

Importance of installing EV Commercial Charging Stations