Successful Cases Of EV Charging Stations

Portland General Electric (PGE) – This case study looks at how PGE’s Smart Charging Network enabled 4,400 electric vehicles to be charged efficiently using a commonly available public charging infrastructure. This case study also shows how consumers and businesses can save money with PGE’s EV charging services.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)  has a program called the EV Charge Network which aims to increase access to charging for electric vehicles (EV) within PG&E’s service territory. The program is forecasted to install up to 7,500 charging ports over a three-year period focusing on two key market segments: workplaces and multi-unit dwellings. The program has helped drivers use an additional 1,200 kWh of renewable energy annually, provided other grid benefits and cut greenhouse gas emissions2.

New York City – This case study examines how the city invested in electric vehicle charging infrastructure so that citizens and visitors could have access to charging in public areas. As a result, New York City has seen an increase in the number of electric vehicles on its streets.

Georgia Power – This case study looks at how the state-owned utility company implemented an EV charging network to support residents and visitors with their charging needs. The case study also shows how their program was successful and helped speed up the adoption of EV charging in the state.

California Air Resources Board – This case study examines the state’s initiative in expanding EV charging network around the state for its citizens and visitors. This program has played a key role in reducing air pollution in the state, as well as increasing the adoption of EVs.

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