MAXARI - Previously known as EnergyFundz


Maxari has worked across the globe supporting different projects across all four of our industries


Dallas County
Republic of Du Mali
Texas Department of Criminal Justice

A large contract with Dallas county was agreed upon to supply HVAC filters. HVAC is an industry that’s not given a second thought, until something goes wrong. Supply parts such as filters allow maintenance to act quickly and solve any issue before it escalates.

By leveraging the supply chain, one of our largest distribution centers overseas, we were able to provide refrigeration to the country of Mali. This was far from the pedestrian accomplishment it may sound like. The refrigeration units were used to keep life-saving vaccines from expiring in the Saharan heat. The refrigerators were solar-powered, allowing the same sun they were protecting the medicine from to power the machines.

We’ve procured the linings of disposal receptacles for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. People tend to forget about the small things that keep large entities running. Linings are essential everyday items that without them, could cause major trash build-up and other issues.

Healthcare / Safety

Dallas County
Dallas Police
Dallas Fire & Rescue Department
Dallas County Sheriff

We’ve procured a large two-year contract with Dallas County to supply PPE equipment for their multiple departments, including the Dallas Police Department, Dallas Fire Department, and Sheriff. As the second largest county in Texas, Dallas county was in dire need of supplies to get through an unprecedented time. While dealing with massive supply chain shortages and other issues, we made creative solutions to get them the needed materials. We stayed within our agreed contract and refused to change our prices or demand another deal to maintain our relationship and show our support for the county. Although the job was tough, it was well worth it to ensure the county could ultimately reach its goal. After working with manufacturers across the globe and air freighting in goods, Dallas County reached 25%, then 50%, and soon after, 100% open.

The distribution of protective face masks throughout 15 United States Army Bases, five of which are overseas and outside the US. Face masks over the last two years have become an essential part of life and the high demand caused us to get creative in order to optimize the supply chain.

Our reputation with the UN allows us to receive work across the globe and potentially save the lives of thousands. By providing tactical gear and apparel, we’re helping maintain peace-keeping efforts in Western Africa.