EnergyFundz donates PPE to support Houston community

Stronger Together

Shortly after the world went into lockdown, EnergyFundz saw first-hand how communities, companies and even major hospitals had a hard time obtaining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). EnergyFundz Healthcare Business Unit has been involved in medical and dental equipment supply for over 3 years and our background in this space allowed us to respond.

We were soon connected with a non-profit, COVID Courage, led by Dr. Anu Anandaraja and Liz Stern. COVID Courage’s mission is to supply PPE to those who can’t afford the minimum orders (often exceeding 1 million units) of masks, gloves, gowns, etc. We worked with COVID Courage to supply nursing homes with small orders of N95 NIOSH masks. Dr. Anu and Liz also educated us about how vulnerable communities and regional health centers were struggling to obtain desperately needed PPE.

In light of this, the EnergyFundz Team wondered how we could do our part to help our local community. How, what and who were the questions we started with and soon realized the  answers were closer to us than we thought.


We wanted to take action that represented a real impact on the community and believed a donation would be the best option. We then had to decide what we were going to donate and to whom.


We decided to donate cloth face masks that EnergyFundz sells in the US. EnergyFundz has supplied these same masks to major Corporations in Texas as

well as the US Army.  The masks we donated were labeled ‘Stronger Together’ and is how we feel this global pandemic can be challenged. We also felt these

particular face masks were appropriate because they are:

Reusable and can be washed daily and dried overnight.

Sweat-absorbing, antimicrobial and ideal for hot climates (e.g. Houston).

Eco-friendly and do have not to be discarded after single-use.


We sought out an established organization, who identified with our core values of Transparency, Respect, Excellence and Courage, while also having  an impact on the community. After extensive research and many viable options, we settled on Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IMGH).

About Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

IMGH first began in 1955, with a mission to bring together people of diverse religious backgrounds for dialogue, collaboration and service, as a demonstration of their shared beliefs. IMGH promotes relationships and volunteering to maintain a healthy and dignified life in vulnerable populations. 

They work in four service areas:

1. Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston and Galveston County.

2. Refugee Services: In cooperation with the US Department of State, IMGH resettles refugees to Houston and helps them assimilate to American life.

3. Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships: Engages places of worship, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits in dialogue, collaboration, and service.

4. Volunteer Houston: Actively connect individuals and organizations in engaging, fun, and interactive volunteer opportunities.

To learn more about Interfaith Ministries, visit their website and updates on social media.

This week we donated two batches of reusable masks labeled ¨Strong Together¨, which were distributed and used by staff and beneficiaries of the Meals on Wheels and Refugee Services groups. The Director of Marketing and Communications told us about a case:

They were happy to receive the masks and we are also happy to know that they are now protected.

Hopefully this post sheds light on two great nonprofits doing their part to help those in need, especially during these challenging times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to IMGH or COVID Courage if you’d like to find out more, donate or volunteer. We’re also happy to steer you to the right folks at either organization if you have any questions!
To find out more about EnergyFundz protective gear (PPE) and other products, please visit our website.

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